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Sanjay singh Rajpurohit,CEO & Founder of Technource and Eminent Academy is a personality of wisdom and work.

Technource(Techno Source Web Private Limited) is an IT firm which offers excellent services in Search Engine Optimization, WordPress development, Mobile Apps development and e-commerce development. He has built up an effective team which strives to work hard and give their best to fulfill the expectations of their clients.

Eminent Academy is the place where every student can be assured of a brighter future. Every student is paid personal attention and all the efforts required by him. In the eminent academy, every student gets personal attention, he personally recognizes weakness and strengths of every student, and helps him to overcome his weakness and strengthen his life with his strengths.

He is the man who has the passion for his dreams. Facing various struggles of life, he has risen above, leaving all the hardships behind and building up effective platforms. Whether it be the Technource or the Eminent Academy, he makes sure that all his clients and students should get the results which makes them different from rest of the world. He works at his best to come up to their expectations and gain their satisfaction.

He is the role model of every student whom he has taught. He is an epitome of extraordinary hard work, self belief, overcoming every struggle coming in the way and achieve success.

Many other optimum projects are yet to be seen in the market in the coming years. Many shining stars are yet to shine under his guidance.


Technource is a name to reckon with when you want highest grade service for Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce development, Mobile apps development, CMS customization and any other form of web development.Having been there for years, we make sure that our services define quality, performance, appeal and business. Be it a personal website or an enterprise application, Technource makes it the best in the business through its experienced manpower and state of the art infrastructure.

Eminent Academy has been established in this competitive environment with high aims and aspirations for all its students.Eminent Academy, an ambitious educator, felt the need of providing right direction to the students who dream high, through it’s substantial knowledge and incredible experiences. With our dedication and efforts, eminent academy is producing wonderful results in the life of every student who is a part of it.

With Tuitment app you can manage your Coaching Institute very easily & efficiently. Your paperwork will reduce by 80-90 % and your revenue will increase by 30-40%. Tuitment is proper software for small to bigger size coaching class.


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